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Before Twenty Show

Hey, welcome to the Before Twenty Show. We don’t really know what we’re doing, we can’t DJ and we wrote the playlist 10 minutes ago. Prepare yourself for the greatest Mid afternoon radio show you’ve ever heard! During our show you’ll be introduced to anything and everything we want to educate you with, our dearest listeners! P.s. Hi Mom!

etikett radio


Evangelos (Divak) was born and raised in Thessaloniki.  From a young age he played the piano.  By the age of 15 he started going to parties, where he discovered his passion for electronic music.  Playing music was not enough for him since he wanted to have his own signature and create his own unique sounds--during his show he will be exploring the sounds of techno.


etikett radio

Eat Silence

IVANOVNA invites her „Eat Silence“ crew to play their favorite tunes and talk about their personal experiences in the Berlin music scene. 


Influenced by the likes of Extrawelt and Trentemoller, Alex will be bringing some serious freaqiness to you all with this show.


Two Heads

Skitz and Export come together for a radio show under their collaboration name Two Heads bringing the freshest of techno to your ears. 


Soul Answer

In this show, Ola Orlando plays an eclectic mix of of minimal techno and house music, ranging from dark and aggressive to light and cheerful grooves. He focuses on different styles, making sure to keep you engaged.

The Eastern Kolektiv

The Eastern Kolektiv brings you podcast with minimal deep beats and emotive grooving sounds.