Continuing our video series about etikett radio (a platform by music lovers for music lovers) we introduce host and recent grad Inbal. She just finished our Music Production & Sound Engineering Degree.

During her entire time at dBs Berlin, Inbal had her own radio show on etikett. In fact, she was one of the first members of our student-led radio station which means she has seen it grow into what it is today.

The art of flow

Her show Lost in Transmission has been running for 2 years and has really shaped the direction etikett radio is heading in. It is about playing the music she likes – which also means music that maybe wouldn’t otherwise be played on the radio. For her what is most important about her time on the air is to “create a flow”, which sometimes means she would play entire albums without even talking during the show. This is what the radio is about though, giving space to new and undiscovered music as well as experimentation.

Other programmes on etikett include shows that focus on tips and tricks for production techniques, on sampling or on specific genres… just to name a few topics. With this year’s new round of shows we expect to see even more fresh ideas, new show concepts and rare music gems!

Learn more about Inbal’s style on her introduction video: