Opportunities for our students are things we are always keen on creating here at dBs Berlin. That’s why we made etikett radio – a platform by music lovers for music lovers.

For those of you who didn’t know yet, dBs Berlin has its very own radio station called etikett. The concept behind it is simple, each student tailors their show to their interests. At the heart of all the programmes is a focus on exploring sound. Over the next few weeks, we will be sharing some more facts about etikett. Included in this series are video interviews with some of our hosts talking about the inspiration behind their shows.

Some history and a herstory

Founded in February 2014, etikett has already seen 2 successful years of live shows broadcast from our dBs Berlin centre in Friedrichshain on 3 days a week. This is all made possible by the students involved who take on roles as presenters, technicians and engineers.

One of our hosts is Norom, aka Freak A. Della. She became a part of the etikett team in 2015 when she joined the Electronic Music Production & Performance Diploma at dBs Music Berlin. Her show, Freak A. Della’s Sound Bites, is all about the connection between music and food and how these two different sensory experiences influence each other. Thanks to her show, we found out that there are a few very specific means by which your experience of eating can be influenced by the sounds played around you. But we will leave that info up to Norom to share.

In her video introduction she talks about how this show concept came to be, what motivated her to become a part of etikett radio and what her vision for the station is.