Exploring a pulsating landscape and its capacity to create powerfull atmospheres that feed our imagination with very evocative images. Elaborating a discrete time frame that stimulates public's imagination and thoughts. Ambire is a surrounding warm cocoon in which we leave ourselves sink into the fibers of sound.

The Blackhole

New wave? Dark wave? Whatever wave.
Monthly reviewing new post punk albums and personal all-time favourites.
Black humor. Cheap irony.
Spontaneous witty remarks.
Good. Music.

Jump into the Blackhole.



Where we synchronize to the same rhythm, let our deepest suppressed emotions and desires out and surrender our physical entity to music. Brutality and softness are combined for the current state of our body to change and adapt to the cadence of the sound





A sunny melancholic current flowing through a seductive land of sandy dunes, mountains and tropical vegetation. There echoing ancestral voices are united in a warm grip to the electronic euphoria of house music.